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Mountain View, California

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Residential landscaping maintenancs, San Francsico Bay Area, California
Landscaping design, stones patio and trellis in Woodside, california
LAndscaping design and maintenance, flowers, tulips, around mountain vies, california
Landscape design and maintenance for residential properties, San Francsico Bay Area, California
landscaping services for residential and commercial properties, San Francsico Bay Area, California
Residential landscape design, water fountain in Palo Alto, San Francisco Bay Area, Califonia
Water fountain and water feature with stone work in Los Altos, San Francisco Bay Area, Califonia
Gardening as part of our commercial landscape maintenance services in Mountain View, San Francisco Bay Area, Califonia.
Arborist services including trees maintenance for commercial and residential properties.
Commercial properties trees maintenance
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ISA Certified: WE-10742a; Cert Arborist; International Society of Arboriculture
California Licensed Contractor: C27-#97343A

We do landscaping design and maintenance "from a gardener's point of view".

"Our deepest satisfaction is to see how landscapes, yards, patios, and gardens turn more alive with a richer natural life"

Landscaping Approach

We have a comprehensive approach shaped by 33 years of experience servicing the San Francisco Peninsula, especially the cities of Atherton, Monte Sereno, Los altos hills, Saratoga, Los Gatos, and San jose.

We have a comprehensive approach to landscaping design and maintenance based on having a gardener's perspective to any outdoor space. Besides residential landscaping, we specialize in commercial landscaping maintenance including gardening, lawn care, horticulture, irrigation management, tree management, property management, sustainability, long term care and more.

Our approach and experience allow us to change and improve the aesthetics and functionality of gardens, patios, front lawns and outdoor spaces.

Our deep satisfaction is to see how we can turn a poorly cared, or even abandoned space into exciting, beautiful, and practical that not only invites people to enjoyed but birds, butterflies, and nature life in general becomes more alive and vibrant.

We always keep water management in mind, from the very beginning, and one of our satisfactions is watching how overall life increases and becomes richer and more varied.

Landscaping Management

From commercial accounts to residential maintenance we keep your landscapes healthy and beautiful while focusing on water management

We maintain Commercial Accounts such as collective building apartments and condominiums, business gardens, shopping areas and any landscape space related to a business operation. We are efficient, effective and pay attention to all landscaping details so you just enjoy your landscapes without having to worry about them.

With our "Residential Landscapes" we are meticulous in the maintenance and we're always paying attention in how to improve your gardens and patios, either by complementing plants for all seasons, saving water, adding a deck or fountain...

About Us

Why we really care about landscaping

Founder Reynaldo Herrera, experienced with work in outdoors living environments established Marvy’s Garden Services in 1985. He named the company after the love of his life, his wife Marvy.

Through the years, Reynaldo has added to his personal portfolio a Horticultural education from Foothill College in Los Altos California. He has collected an expansive horticultural library of reading material and has taken on and has personalized many techniques to work for properties the Marvy’s company maintains and works on.

Present day, now known as Marvy’s Landscape Services, the company is a California State Certified Landscape Contractor and Reynaldo is a State Certified Tree Arborist. Over the past 30 years, Reynaldo, his crew, and now sons have cared for thousands of trees, plants and properties adding a personal family touch.


"Marvy's family team has faithfully maintained and improved our San Mateo gardens, including the sprinkler system, for several decades. They also took great care of our parents Hillsborough landscaping while they were still in their home! The team is reliable and courteous and we highly recommend them!!! "

P.& S.
San Mateo

"I've used Marvy's Landscape Design for ten years. The owner, Reynaldo Herrerra, has a degree in horticulture and really understands plants and their needs. He and his sons have carefully and correctly pruned my trees, fertilized, potted and repotted my container plants, and taken care of my yard as if it were their own. They also do pressure washing of eaves, gutter cleaning, and once installed French drains when I had a water issue in one corner of the house. I trust this company with all my outdoor needs and what really impresses me is that when I ask Reynaldo a question or request he perform some task, he returns my email within the day and his constant reply is, "We will take care of it." And they do, even if it's an emergency. As I'm able to do less and less outdoors, I am so grateful for all they do to make life easier."

Sue C.

"“The tree turned out great! Also wanted to thank you and the crew...We are really happy with Marvy’s Gardens!"

C. Davis