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Automated irrigation systems for residential and commercvial landscapes are proven easy to set and maintain.
Landscaping irrigation systems do require expertise for theur design and installation, we have decades of succesful installations.
Properly designed and installed irrigation systems are crucial to maintain a beautiful landscaping while saving precious water.
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ISA Certified: WE-10742a; Cert Arborist; International Society of Arboriculture
California Licensed Contractor: C27-#97343A

Our "Water Management" approach is based on extensive irrigation and plant knowledge.

Irrigation & Water Management

Our irrigation systems are drought tolerance designs, under the guidelines of the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

Our irrigation and water management approach is founded in extensive irrigation and plant knowledge in the San Francisco bay Area.

After carefully evaluating solid, water and the landscape design objectives we use a variety of approaches and standard systems such as back-flow systems, drip irrigation, timer controls, valves, spray heads and rotors.

Spray Heads and Rotors

We design and maintain spray and rotors with experience and top of the line products.

In all our irrigation systems we use top of the line watering products, such as:

  • Rainbird, Toro, Hunter
  • Various types. From small ‘Champion’ brass heads to big bulky “chuck-chuck-trrrr” rotors, to new high efficient sprinklers and rotors.

There a re many issues and problems that may affect your irrigation systems, both from a design and a maintenance perspective. Especially in drought times these become very relevant.

Some of the most commons irrigation RoboHelp are:

  • Leaking Sprinkler?
  • Sprinkler heads that don’t pop-up or stay up after the system is off?
  • Dry spots on Lawn?
  • If you sprinkler heads are more than 15 years old, they may be leaking without you even knowing.
  • Run off prevention, and water loss prevention.

Drip Irrigation

We know when and how to use "Drip".

It is all the rave within the plant and conserving community but it is just sometimes just not appropriate for all planting applications, let us evaluate and help you decide if drip is best for your situations.

Drip is popular for two main reasons:

  • Conserves water by directly applying water to precise plant families when done correctly.
  • Economically cheaper to install due to lower cost of material, ability to cover more plant material with less, and the less physical labor to install.

Drip operates with low water pressure. Too much or too little can disrupt proper function of an efficient zone system. We provide the proper pressure and filtration based on individual circumstances. Drip is typically made of durable flexible polyurethane plastic piping, and because it’s flexible we are able to cover more plants and move it anywhere.

Drip products include Netafim ,Rainbird, Hunter, and Agrifim.

Drip irrigation types are micro sprayers, emitters, in-line emitters, micro tubing, bubblers, and more.

Timer Controls and Valves

Replacing, repairing or trouble shooting irrigation issues is what we do.

We are able to design, upgrade or install for acres of Land, commercial, or estate properties.

How do you know you need a new timer or a new of anything? You don’t always need to replace existing items. Sometimes the culprit to a failing device isn’t as obvious. Sometimes it’s not even the device you suspect. We trouble shoot systems to get to bottom of the problem, and our experience, equipment and knowledge of irrigation devices allows us to do it in a timely manner.

Some of the most common irrigation problems we diagnose and solve are:

  • Identify the reasons zones don’t come on or off
  • Locate lost zones or valves
  • Install, replace or work with professional products such as Rainbird, Toro, Hunter ,Raindail, Total Control, Mc-E series, Irritrol, Hardie.
  • Rain sensor friendly
  • Adjust to Micro Climates.
  • Remote control systems.
  • Wireless management systems.
  • Emergency service.
  • Custom work.
  • Manual valve to automatic conversions.

Backflow Prevention Devices

Backflow systems maintains clean water separated form polluted water.

This prevention system is designed to help prevent potentially polluted water from siphoning back and mixing with potable water. We in the landscape field recommend these devices as they more than just a preventive means of mixing water. For installations we help determine best location for proper function while keeping its protrudnes to a minimum.

Types of Backflow Prevention Devices include Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker, Pressure Type Vacuum Breaker, Double check Valve Assembly, Reduced Pressure Backflow Device, Pressure Reducer Zone, and Water Hammer Arrestors.

Our usual services include repairing or replacing existing faulty or failed backflow devices, as well as the installation for various sizes.

Typical products we use include Febco, Wilkins, Champion, and Watts.